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The San Francisco 49er Foundation partnered with ABC police officers union to find ways to bridge the gap between the community and police officers in the wake of NFL players protest. The project started with twelve months of deep listening, conversations, and research with the community and police organizations around the united states. What was identified in the research was that the gap was in transparency, the community and the officers were both showing up without understanding for the others perspective. So the project became a way to build a blueprint to engaging in conversation that could provide transparency of thought and action.

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Developed on behalf of the 49ers Foundation, in collaboration with invested Police Officer Union partners, 510media approached the conversation of community policing in a new and original way – with Black/African American and Latinx community members, and patrol officers leading the narrative. Bringing the voices of behavioral professionals, provocative thought leaders, and police officers forward in an intimate and candid discourse on policing, offering a 360-degree understanding of what it takes to keep neighborhoods safe. 

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Candis conversation became the baseline vehicle to simply start the conversation. With the belief that listening is the truest way to understanding and community building, it was important to foster a real conversation with transparency that offered an in-depth look at the cultural, historical and social factors affecting policing, and the resources needed to bridge the gap between police and communities of color.



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49ers, police unions unveil community-oriented PSA series
— Mercury News