The Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood is a largely African American community located in the southeast corner of San Francisco. Historically underserved by city programs, outreach, and capital support, longtime residents experienced poor health and wellness, lack of access, and economic instability disproportionate to other neighborhoods in San Francisco. While significant improvements in programming and capital support had been made in recent years, outreach to the Bayview Hunters Point community had not met expectations.

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510media was tasked with the development and deployment of a more empathic and proactive outreach and communication strategy on behalf of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Powered by a 5-phase research + discovery foundation comprised of knowledge audit, digital ethnography, stakeholder interviews, listening sessions and community immersion, 510media implemented an outreach + education campaign beginning with direct outreach to residents living in closest proximity to the Hunters Point Shipyard development site, and residents with high risk of uncontrolled illness.  

Due to the dynamic and complex nature of the project, two distinct work streams were established and deployed in service of establishing public trust: 1) the immediate repositioning of health and safety messaging and 2) facilitate a lasting and effective program to improve community understanding, outreach and education on the health care concerns that matter most to them.

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The Listen Share Connect communication campaign was created to facilitate collaboration and heart-led dialogue between the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the families, community organizations and local leaders of the Hunters Point community. This multifaceted campaign included proprietary toolkits on Empathic Listening + Speaking to aid SFDPH leadership in dialogue with community, Culturally Confident Sharing to support the creation of materials shared in person and digitally go forward, and the proven benefits of Personal Conversations with Community to assist SFDPH in improving community perceptions and fostering collaboration and with community organizations and advocates of the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.



Listen Share Connect became the banner communications campaign for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and will expand to additional segments of the Bayview Hunters Point community

Listen. Share. Connect. involves everyone. We want and need your support. With residents, community organizations, and local leaders working together, we will come closer to the vision of making San Francisco the healthiest place on Earth.